Learner Orientation

Clients - Templates/Marketing

  • Whitelisting email
  • Jhana user list
  • Introducing Jhana to learners (Launch emails)
  • Using the Jhana Launch center
  • How Jhana and FC content support each other
  • Options if whitelisting is not possible (i.e. gov't)

Internal - Tools

  • Process for setting up prospect
  • Process for setting up client started for first time
  • Process for adding users to existing Jhana client (Send directly to AAC or to IS?)
  • Courtney/Brad recording
  • When will Jhana reporting be available to AAP clients?
  • Using Salesforce for pre-launch users;
  • Easy way to find out how many users a client has registered?
  • How do we know whitelisting has been satisfactorily completed, especially if the client does not white list. (Google doc.)

Sharpen the Saw / Mastery

  • Q&A - technical challenges
  • Running a Jhana demo for new clients
  • Running a Jhana for manager groups
  • Using Jhana content in IJ's
  • New (and current) IS check sheet to confirm we KNOW Jhana (i.e. using the Sandbox, Video Discussion Activities, etc.)